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915mm x 1830mm PP Plastic Template for Construction Formwork Usage

Brand : ALANDS

Product origin : Jinan,China

Delivery time : 10-15 days

Supply capacity : 500 Ton/Tons per Month

PP Plastic sheet


In China ,annual consumption of wood building construction formwork is 50 million cubic meters, and the furniture and building decoration industry consumes more than 160 million cubic meters of wood. If plastic can be used to replace wood, 4.5 million cubic meters of logs can be saved, equivalent to 54,000 forest area, can also comprehensively utilize 1 million tons of waste plastic. In 2019, the construction industry in Shandong completed an output value of more than 200 billion yuan, and the completed construction area exceeded 200 million square meters. The output value of a single formwork reached 3 to 4 billion yuan. It is expected to increase by 15% to 20% in the next few years.


PP hollow sheet


Advantage of PP Plastic Template 


1. Light weight, high strength, good hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance;

2. The surface is smooth and smooth; the casting effect is good;

3. No moisture absorption, no deformation, no mildew; long-term immersion in water, no delamination, no foaming,stable plate size, especially suitable for use in underground and humid environments;

4. Good toughness, can be used for various special-shaped templates with varying surfaces;

5. Fire retardant, self-extinguishing in case of fire, high temperature resistance;

6. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-sincerely suitable for use in coastal areas, mines, sea dams and other projects. No need to do any anti-corrosion treatment in use and storage, it will not pollute the concrete surface;
7. The turnover can be used more than 50 times, and the service life is long;
8. Waste products can be recycled and reprocessed, making full use of waste raw materials. Compared with wood 
formwork and bamboo plywood, the cost of waste is low, which can greatly reduce the cost of the project;
9. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution, no toxic and harmful gas emissions;
10. Easy demoulding, no need to brush demoulding agent, tapping on the template can fall off, shortening man-hours, 
saving manpower and speeding up the project progress;
11. Easy to process, can be nailed, sawed, drilled, and can be connected and combined arbitrarily.
12. Easy to remove, easy to install and remove, fast and safe. The support is easy to operate. It is beneficial to organize 
construction and improve work efficiency.


915mm x 1830mm PP hollow sheet


Comparison of Different Templates 


Traditional building templates made of wooden boards and bamboo boards cannot be reused, which not only wastes wood resources, but also damages the ecological environment. Now, the use of PP plastic building templates can not only save 15% of the overall cost, but also 100% recycle and protect the environment. This is a new trend in the building template industry.


ItemReuse TimesFeature
PP  Plastic Template50High hardness and strength, fire resistance, waterproof, light weight, convenient transportation, many times of turnover, low cost, easy to disassemble
Wood Template1 to 20Easy to absorb water and expands,reused times is less, waste forest resources
Bamboo Template5 to 20Easy to absorb water and expands,reused times is less, waste forest resources
Steel Frame Template20 +High cost, inconvenient disassembly, consume labor power and the weight is heaviest


PP Plastic sheet



Specification of PP Plastic Template


Bending Strength (Vertical Pressure)29 Mpa
Bending Modulus (Vertical Pressure)1593Mpa
Grip Screw Force1280N
Maximum Damage Load (Vertical Pressure)1024N
Water absorption0.0037
Static Bending Intensity Retention Rate0.98
Shore Hardness75
Appearance QualityNo surface crack,No bubbling
Vicat Softening Point76.6℃
Apparent Density0.7g/cm³


Workshop of PP Plastic Template


PP hollow sheet


Shipment of PP Plastic Template


915mm x 1830mm PP hollow sheet

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