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clear Color acrylic sheet

Brand : Alands

Product origin : Jinan,China

Delivery time : 10-15 days

Supply capacity : 15000 tons/year

Standard Sizes of our Cast acrylic sheet:

● 1250 x 2450 mm (4'x8')

● 1250 x 1850 mm (4'x6')

● 1220 x 2420 mm 

● 1220 x 1820 mm

● 1500 x 2100 mm

● 1600 x 2600 mm

● 1850 x 2450 mm (6'x8')

● 2050 x 3050 mm etc.

● Custom Size and Cut to Size. 

Custom-made sizes/ cut to size acrylic sheets :

Thickness of our Cast acrylic sheet:

● Flexible thickness, most common from 1.8mm-25mm, like:

● 1.8mm

● 2.0mm- 3/32"

● 3.0mm- 1/8"

● 4.5mm- 3/16"

● 6.0mm- 1/4"

● 9.0mm- 3/8"

● 12.0mm- 1/2"

● 18.0mm- 3/4"

● 25.40mm- 1"

● Etc.

clear acrylic sheet

Product features of our Alands Cast Acrylic sheets:

1. Perfect transparency and the Clear acrylic sheet light transmittance with 93%

Color acrylic sheet

2. All colors available;

4ft x 8ft acrylic sheet

3. Excellent weather resistance, named as "Queen of plastic"

4. Weighs half as the glass, small density, far safe than glass

5. Stable physical property, high plasticity, be suit to the project

6. High hardness and polish in surface

7. The best cast acrylic sheet production line in Asia

8. Certified by RoHS and ISO9001, with CE and SGS certificate

clear acrylic sheet

9. The technique of control, the thickness tolerance is in the domestic leading level.

10. With different sizes and thickness for option

11. Variety in color, easy to clean

Applications of Cast Acrylic sheet

1. Construction: show window, doors, light-absorption shade, telephone booth.

2. Advertisement: lamphouse, signboard, indicator, display rack.

3. Vehicle: door and window of car and train.

4. Medical: infant incubator, many kinds of medical apparatus.

5. Civilian goods: bath room, art work, cosmetics, bracket.

6. Industrial: instruments and meters and protecting cover

7. Lighting: daylight lamp, ceiling lamp, lampshade

 Color acrylic sheet

The specification of Alands Cast Acrylic sheet:

Coefficient of Rupture:700kg/cm²
Coefficient of Elasticity:28000kg/cm²
Coefficient of Rupture:1.5kg/cm²
Coefficient of Elasticity:28000kg/cm²
Transmittance(parallel rays):92%
Full rays:93%
Heat Distortion Temperature100℃
Ultimate Temperature of Continuous operation80℃
Thermoforming Ranges140-180℃
Insulation Strength20V/mm

Packaging & Shipping

Acrylic sheet Loading to the container 

4ft x 8ft acrylic sheet

Besides the Acrylic sheet, we can also provide PVC and PP Coroplast, load together in one container can help customers save much cost.

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