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Clear acrylic sheet

Brand : Alands

Product origin : Jinan,China

Delivery time : 7-15 days

Supply capacity : 700 tons per month

Product Description:

Over 20years manufacture experience on clear acrylic sheet with 98% Purification rate and 93% trasmittance,high solid flat and anti-scratch surface.

1. Perfect transparency,the light transmittance with 93%;

2. Excellent electrical insulation, light weight;

3. High plasticity, process and shape easire;

4. High surface hardness, excellent weather resistance;

5. Beautifully colored, easy to maintain, easy to clean.

Clear acrylic sheet


Size: 1220×2440mm (4×8'), 1250×1850mm (4×6'), 1220*1820mm, 1220*2420mm, 2050*3050mm, 1500*2100mm, 1600*2600mm, etc.

Thickness: 1.8~30mm

Color: clear transparent and all colors, with designed pattern marble sheets.

3mm Clear acrylic sheet


Keep 2.0tons per packed on one iron pallet,pallet 's height kept in 70cm. With corrugated paper box or plywood box to protect sheets,fixed strings around pallets to keep it stable and safety.

Container Loading:

20ft container can load 6pallets on 1250*2450mm size

20ft container can load 12pallets 1250*1850mm size

20ft container can load 3pallets 2050*3050mm size

( this size can be without pallets it can be load more) to keep the total weight around 12-18tons.

acrylic sheet


1. Acrylic sheet is likely to expand when the temperature is over 100 ° C, so the continuous temperature don’t exceed 90°C.

2. Space between acrylic sheets should be left out when construction, regarding the weight, load and temperature.

3. The surface hardness of acrylic sheet is as hard as aluminum alloy; Polish it with the abrasive material for aluminum when it is scratched in abnormal condition.

4. Acrylic sheet can cause static; clean the surface with mull dipping 1% suds.

5. Keep the warehouse dry and well-ventilated, and from fire.

6. Use elastic material such as rubber when processing base material.

Clear acrylic sheet

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