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  • The sales volume of wood stoves soars. There is a shortage of wood stoves in Britain

The sales volume of wood stoves soars. There is a shortage of wood stoves in Britain


Due to the soaring energy costs, more and more British people are buying firewood stoves for the winter, driving the sales of firewood stoves. Under the situation of demand exceeding supply, there was a shortage of firewood stoves in Britain.

CCTV News reported on the website of the Daily Mail on the 20th that the sales of wood stoves in the UK jumped 40% from April to June on a year-on-year basis; As the weather gets colder, some dealers find that consumers buy more than one wood stove at a time. At the same time, some retailers reported running out of stock. Due to the manufacturer's previous supply chain problems and the rising price of raw materials, the output of some types of wood stoves has decreased, and some will not be available until next summer at the earliest.

Anevay, a Cornwall stove manufacturer, said that its product sales have increased by 10% to 20% month on month since this year. David Kronet, CEO of the company, said that on the one hand, he was happy to "help those customers who are overwhelmed by energy bills", but on the other hand, the company has been trying to meet the growing market demand. Kronet said that due to the longer waiting time for laser cutting equipment and raw materials, the company's delivery time has increased from one week to one month.

Choice Stoves, an online dealer in Lancashire, announced on its website that the company had suspended its online order business due to the "shortage of firewood stoves". Bowland Stoves, the stove installation enterprise in the county, announced that the installation business this year has been about full, and customers who intend to install wood stoves can make an appointment for installation next year as soon as possible.

According to the Daily Telegraph of the UK, Backwoodsman, a stove dealer headquartered in Scotland Heights, said that orders this year were "surging", which has led to delays in delivery. "In some cases, the waiting time almost overnight changed from three months to six months". The staff of the company said: "If we place a new order with Woodwarm, a wood stove manufacturer in Devon, what we are discussing is delivery in June (next year). In fact, what our company is considering is (how to arrange) a forward order for next winter, so as to have inventory."

It is not only firewood stoves that have become a hot commodity. In September, DIY store "Hardware Mall" said that its sales of electric saws had increased by one third in a few weeks. According to a spokesman of the company, this may be because customers need to use electric saws to cut wood for wood stoves, "because many people are trying to mitigate the impact of energy growth".

Jeremy Hunt, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the autumn budget on the 17th, which includes reducing expenditure by reducing previously committed energy subsidies. According to the Daily Telegraph, the average British household's annual energy bill will exceed 3000 pounds this winter.

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