Marble Acrylic Sheet


Marble Acrylic Sheet

Marble Acrylic Sheet


1.Excellent transparency (for clear or transparent sheet).

2.Good mechanical performance and Good electrical insulation.

3.Non-toxic, environmental friendly.

4.Superior impact resistance. Crack resistance.

5.Superior weather resistance.

6.UV light resistance.

7.Chemical resistance.

8.Stable color under outdoor exposure.Suitable for laser engraving, CNC cutting and vacuum forming.

Acrylic Sheet

Marble acrylic sheets are widely used in our daily life.

1. Light box

2. Outdoor sign board

3. Signage board

4. Advertising material 

5. Decoration material

6. Display shelf

7. Daily product 

8. Noise wall

9. Handicraft product

10. Acrylic aquarium

11. Bathroom produc

Acrylic Marble Sheet

Marble Acrylic Sheet

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